How do I get SoftPro 360?

SoftPro 360 is available starting with our Standard 12.0, Enterprise 6.1 and Select 2.4 Editions.

Standard & Enterprise Editions 
Access SoftPro 360 via the Services option available in the ProForm menu bar. Click on Services to register and login to SoftPro 360 and to see all of the SoftPro 360 features available to you. These features include opening the SoftPro 360 Queue, submitting a service request to a provider, or managing SoftPro 360 permissions.*


In SoftPro Select you will see a new tab labeled 360 which lists the 360 features available. Some of these features include opening the SoftPro 360 Queue, opening the services window, or managing SoftPro 360 permissions.*

Registering with SoftPro 360
The first attempt to access any of the SoftPro 360 areas or menus will present you with the following screen.

New users must click on Register New Account. You will be presented with the following screen to enter your full name and email address. Click Register.

You will receive an email with a SoftPro 360 temporary password. Return to the login screen and enter your email address and password. You will be required to change the temporary password. By default, the remember credentials checkbox is selected so you don't have to log in each time you want to use SoftPro 360.

*If you do not see the above options under Services in your menu bar (Standard and Enterprise customers), or if you do not see the 360 tab (SoftPro Select customers), please contact our support department for assistance at 800-848-0143.