SoftPro 360 FAQs

1. What is SoftPro 360?
SoftPro 360 is an integrated tool that makes it faster, easier, and more affordable to order closing, title and escrow products and services. SoftPro 360 is included with your ProForm license and is free to use. It enables you to order services and receive orders back from third party vendors without ever leaving your ProForm workspace. When using SoftPro 360, the information in your ProForm order can be synchronized with vendors, eliminating the need for dual keying.

2. How does SoftPro 360 work?
SoftPro 360 provides a bridge between you and a wide range of vendors - allowing you to seamlessly generate and transmit orders, complete with all the necessary information from your ProForm file, for whatever goods and services you choose.
When SoftPro 360 is activated a new "Services" menu will appear in ProForm. You'll simply select the vendor and service you need, and SoftPro 360 will take it from there. SoftPro 360 will seamlessly transfer the appropriate information from your SoftPro file to the partner you choose.
Once the work is complete, and the order is returned to you, you have a chance to review the information before accepting it back into your ProForm file. Any documents included with the order are automatically attached to the ProForm file. It's a time saving tool that's a win-win for you and your vendors alike.

3. Is there a charge to install SoftPro 360?
SoftPro 360 is free to use. There are vendor fees for the products and services that you order; however there are no service charges from SoftPro.

4. Why should I use SoftPro 360?
SoftPro 360 can make your business more productive by eliminating the need for paper order forms, dual entry, faxes, emails, and phone calls — and reducing the potential for error. Digital documents you accept back from your vendors will automatically be tied to your ProForm Order — reducing the time you'll spend searching for and archiving documents.

5. What advantage do I have using SoftPro 360 verses going directly to the Vendor?
With a customer base of more than 50,000 users, SoftPro can often leverage preferred pricing for many closing and title products and services. Our ability to negotiate these discounts is a free service we provide to you as a SoftPro user.

6. Are the Vendor's Nationwide or Region specific?
SoftPro 360 works with all vendors and allows the user to choose the vendor in their geographical area.

7. Do I need to update SoftPro 360 each time a new Vendor is added?
SoftPro 360 will automatically add new vendors as they become available.

8. What services will be offered on SoftPro 360?

• Title Services - Commitments, Prelims, etc.
• Payoff Services
• Recording Services
• Tax Services
• Release Services
• Check Ordering
• Mortgage Services (RealEC, Calyx Point)
• Court Documents Services
• CD Creation (burn documents to a CD for customer)
• Flood Insurance
• Appraisal Services
• Hazard Insurance
• HOA Search
• Utility Search with Notary Services

9. How do I get up and running with SoftPro 360?
For more information on how to install SoftPro 360, please visit How do I Get SoftPro 360, or call SoftPro 360 Sales at 800-848-0143.